Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Act II of the Rotisserie Chicken

If you read last weeks post, you know I purchased one of those rotisserie chickens from my local supermarket for $4.99. I understand the price has gone up to $5.29 (.30 more). Still a good price for the amount of meals I made from that one little chicken. _______________________________________________________________________ I am cooking for one, so if there's more people to feed at your house, the chicken will not be as good a deal as it is for me. But even if you get 2 meals from it, it's roughly $2.50 a meal. I had at least four meals of chicken tortellini soup, three meals of chicken salad, and one meal of chicken quesadilla. That's eight meals from one little rotisserie chicken. About .63 a meal. _______________________________________________________________________ My recipe for chicken salad - I use only the white meat or breast portion - I shred that into a quart glass measuring bowl (with a cover). Dice a couple ribs of celery - a handful (1/3 cup) of halved grapes or white raisins - a handfull of chopped pecans. Mix that all together. Use enough mayonaise (I use light) to moisten the salad. Before mixing the mayonaise through the salad, I add a sprinkle or two of curry powder to the mayo. In the picture, I have served the chicken salad in a toast cup. But it can also be served on a lettuce leaf or in a sandwich. _____________________________________________________________________ For the toast cup, I buttered both sides of a piece of white bread, put it in a ramekin sprayed with Pam, into a 400 degree over for about 10 minutes.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Meals for One

Anything to do with the kitchen is exciting, stimulating, enjoyment for me. I love everything about it. Presentation, table setting, table linens, cookware, peeling, dicing, chopping, shredding, simmering, broiling, frying, roasting, grilling, sauteing - yes........even shopping. _____________________________________________________________________ Preparing dinner for a crowd of 30 people has me on high alert, making lists, preparing and freezing, rearranging furniture so everyone is comfortable while they eat. I draw up menus, make a time table, get out seldom used serving ware, think about decor (candles, paperware, beverages, etc.) And, all the while, I'm on cloud nine. ______________________________________________________________________ I have arranged a meal for all the faculty and staff in our local Christian School. I recruited a cooking-serving-decorating team. It was a lovely meal, consisting of a first course of chicken soup, chicken parmesan, stuffed shells, salad, Lemon ice for dessert. Backstage, it operated like a well-oiled machine. _______________________________________________________________________ But my current life situation has caught me off guard (a bit). I expected to be preparing meals, at least, for two, until I died. This has not been the case. My precious husband and dear companion went to be with Jesus a little over two years ago. I find myself in this "cooking for one" situation without much practice. But, I think I am finally getting the hang of it and I want to share it with you. Please send the link to this post to those you know who may be struggling with a similar situation and making do with "fast food" or prepared meals, when cooking for one is so rewarding and delicious. ________________________________________________________________________ When you're cooking for one, you usually make a whole bunch of servings - have one of them for dinner, separate the remainder into "one meal" portions and freeze. How lovely to peek into your freezer like you're looking at an array spread out at a sumptuous buffet. ________________________________________________________________________ Here's a START. Buy one of those rotisserie chickens at the supermarket. Choose the least spiced up one. (I usually get the lemon chicken). For tonight's meal - pull a little of the breast off - shred that - set it aside - cover a large tortilla with tex/mex shredded cheese - nuke for about 20 seconds (til the cheese melts)- lay your shredded chicken onto the top half of the tortilla on top of the melted cheese - then add whatever trimmings you like - I like medium hot salsa, sour cream, guacamole, a few scallion bits - roll up the tortilla by first rolling it over the filling, then tuck in the sides, then finish up rolling it, nice and neat. Cut in half crosswize on the diagonal. Serve with a tall glass of iced tea. And, perhaps a bit of dessert. This is very satisfying and meets the RDA food pyramid guide lines. _________________________________________________________________________ After dinner, remove the entire container with chicken to the fridge for tomorrows meal.On the following afternoon, remove remaining breast meat from the rotisserie chicken to make chicken salad from it for tonight's dinner (recipe on next week's post) After making chicken salad with the remaining breast meat, take the chicken carcass with the dark meat on it, wrap it in saran, tuck into a plastic zipper bag and freeze it. Also any juices in the bottom of the supermarket container. Pour them into a small container and freeze. Those will be for the wonderful chicken tortellini soup you'll make for meal #3.