Monday, April 25, 2016

Mortadella Panini

I had the mortadella Panini for lunch today. I think this may be my favorite sandwich. It comes to us via  Jeff Mauro - sandwich king on the food network.

I happened to be in an Italian grocery today and while there for another reason entirely, purchased the mortadella for my sandwich, as well. Mortadella is sort of an Italian bologna with big chunks of tasty pork fat and pretty green pistachios in it. They slice is very thin.

How to: If you have a Panini maker grill, lucky you. I don't,  so here's my "panini maker". It's a regular non-stick skillet plus a small cake plate plus a very heavy stone bunny. All piled on top of each other. The bunny acts as the "press", smashing the sandwich together just like it was a $100.00 Panini press.

As you put together your sandwich, set your skillet on a medium low burner to warm up for its job of creating your Panini.

For the sandwich: two slices of Italian bread, spread with fig jam, thin slices of a mild Italian cheese like Asiago or Fontinella on each slice of bread. Then two slices of mortadella (the mortadella is big so two slices is plenty because you'll fold it so it fits on the bread). Close up your sandwich and smear both outside surfaces with olive oil and lay carefully in the skillet. Place the small cake plate on top of the sandwich, then put the bunny on top of the plate to weigh it down to "panini" it.

After maybe 5-6 minutes, have a peek to see if the bottom slice is golden. If so, flip it so the other side can get golden as well. Pile up the plate and bunny again on top of the sandwich.

                               When both sides are golden, put it on a pretty plate and mangia.

                                                  You'll want another, I'm sure.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

A couple weeks ago, I received a "convo" from the art director of a bridal magazine. ("convo" is etsyspeak for email) In her note, the art director said they loved my bridal banners and wanted to feature one in the magazine's Fall issue which will be available on news stands on July 19th.

This is a very thrilling turn of events for me. I have been racking my brain for a long while now, trying to think of how to break into the wedding market. This is my target market. When I look at wedding blogs, first of all, they are all beautiful but it's very expensive to advertise on them.

I have even inquired to local bridal shows. Again, extremely expensive. I did, however, take out what I thought was a very attractive add in a small local weekly shopper type paper. Nada. Not one inquiry to that ad. I had more or less given up on that tack.

How did the bridal magazine find me? I really don't know. I didn't ask. But I think they troll etsy for content for their magazines.

This is the magazine:  Bridal Guide Magazine  If I ever wanted to purchase advertising in this magazine, I suspect it would be quite costly. But, thanks be to God, they are publicizing my creation/shop for $00.00. I also suspect that this PR will be much more effective than any ad I could have purchased!

I'm a tiny bit panicky now about getting deluged by orders. Good problem to have. Reason being, I make my bridal accessories from vintage doilies and linens. Will the earth run out of that source? Where will I find them? I have 3 months to get a head start on a deluge (which is ephemeral - is it real? or is it illusion?). I'm not taking any chances, I'm getting ready.