Tuesday, November 13, 2012

I ♥ Handmade Marketplace - Part 2

Still reeling from the I ♥ Handmade Marketplace. I have been to many, many craft shows and have never seen one like this one. It was just a 6 hour show, from 8am until 2 pm on a Saturday in November. By the time we were ready to wrap up, 900 people had visited the show. This is thanks to Angel's amazing ingenuity in planning this show. It was totally bathed in prayer from beginning to end, including all the vendors gathering in a prayer circle minutes before the show began.

Angel plastered the entire Chambersburg area with flyers, had lawn signs (like the election signs) all over town, had several  radio spots the day before the show, had alerted the press, had professional pictures done, had a facebook I ♥ Handmade Marketplace event page with daily buzz about the show, including pictures of what shoppers would see there and the many door prizes that would be awarded.  One of her friends even made a YouTube video for the event.

She distributed beautiful shopping totes to the first 100 shoppers. There was continuous coffee for both shoppers and vendors.

This is my stall. You can see the shelf unit and the clothes tree that I rescued at estate sales.

I am probably forgetting some details. To see more pictures, visit the castteam chat thread. Angel has posted the link on page 264.

One of my personal highlights was meeting several castteam "sisters", and having a nice leisurely dinner with them.

Left to right:  Becky, Angel, Sheila and me in the room called "the library" at Chambersburg's Orchard Restaurant.

Looking forward to I ♥ Handmade Marketplace II


  1. So glad it was a success for all of you!

  2. Rita, it's was so nice to spend time with you and our other sisters. It makes me smile to think of you dear lady!

  3. You all did such a good job with your displays -- Lookin good!

  4. Wow... this sounds like it was amazing! A few years ago, I worked for a Christian book store, and we all prayed beore opening everyday. Makes all the dierence!

  5. Sounds like so much fun especially when there were 900 people to share the day with!

  6. Wonderful!! I love seeing all your beautiful faces together.

  7. It's so great that you prayed before the show!

  8. What a wonderful event! So glad it went so well and that you could spend time with CASTteam sisters. :)

  9. That is super cool! So glad you had a wonderful time! It is always a blessings to have successful events!

    Blessings to you! Stopping by from the CASTTEAM!