Tuesday, May 14, 2013


Is Mothers Day really a day that Moms get to do what they like to do? If so, I had the promise fulfilled bigtime.  Very leisurely, I awoke on Mothers Day and got myself ready for a field trip. I ate breakfast first, at home in my kitchen while reading  the Sunday paper. 

I got myself all gussied up. Took out one of my little coin purses to put only the “necessaries” into. Carried that in my slacks pocket. I wanted my hands free. I didn’t want to carry my big old satchel around on my field trip and run the risk of knocking things over with it while it independently swings back and forth on my shoulder.

So, now I’m ready for my “safari”. Necessaries in my pocket along with my car keys. Phone in the pocket on the other side. I’m ready to hunt.

Off I go to THE SHOPS ON WEST RIDGE. Two stories of vendors booths (200 in all), set in vignettes, filled with vintage treasures and shabby chic style decorator objects. Almost  heaven. I slowly and carefully examine every booth, setting out in an orderly fashion, walking around the room edges first, then up and down the aisles in the middle. I wanted to be absolutely sure that I didn’t miss anything. I would make a mental note of a shop that I wanted to revisit or which had something I would consider buying.

Every once in a while, over the P.A. system  an announcement was made that at noon free pizza and cold drinks will be served in their cafĂ©. By that time, my legs were yelling for a rest. The pizza was tasty and the drink refreshing. A lovely break. Now, back to the hunt.

I saw so many delightful things, if I had unlimited funds, I would need a moving van to get back home. This beautiful white vignette enchanted me. Firstly because the chest on chest is like the one my father kept his socks in. Now it is in my son’s bedroom with his socks in it. Here is its twin – painted white.

After being absolutely sure that I had seen everything, I made my decision about what I would buy, but do you think I could remember where I saw the item. Instead of mental notes, I should have jotted an actual note on an actual note pad. I had to go to the check-out and ask the personnel to help me find my “find”. I described it. Myself and an employee searched the building looking for it. The employee found it!!

Here’s a picture of it. It is a garden table, painted turquoise, with a solid wood top surface and wicker apron and legs. I wasn’t really sure how I would use it but I knew it was coming home with me. I tried to talk myself out of it but I just couldn’t leave without it.


  1. That sounds like a perfect day to me! I was thinking that chest looks just like the one we have...would it be a crime to paint it white?

    Love the table, great color! Happy Mother's Day :)

    1. saw lots of really pretty painted furniture there - all white - chalk paint - very shabby chic

  2. Nah, I love that table. It's a good thing self couldn't talk self out of it! Glad you had a fun Mother's Day! :)

  3. Wonderful pictures! I am sure the "finds" there were fabulous. Sounds like a lovely day, spent just the way you deserve :) And the table is great! Love the color.

    Happy Mother's Day!!!

  4. I haven't been to those shops in awhile....something to put on my to-do list once I am up and around again! I am coveting your turquoise table!

  5. Oh, your safari looks like so much! I'll bet your feet were tired by the end of the day.

  6. Cute table, and I'm glad you were able to pamper yourself like that for a day! Sounds like a fun time! :)