Tuesday, July 23, 2013

A Little Local News

One of the things I love most about Summertime is I'm outdoors all the time and sudden discoveries are all around me.
Today, I just want to show you some recent discoveries I found right "under my nose".

My brother came from Pennsylvania for a visit last week and he wanted to see the newest edition of Wegman's (our local grocery store). The company built a brand new store within the city limits, replacing one that was outdated, outmoded, passe' - all that. This company is renowned for "state of the art" stores. They are the Anthropology of grocery stores. Though this new branch is quite small compared to their other branches, it has enough interesting things to draw me back again and again.

All of the Wegman's stores have what they call a "Cafe'". In this space, shoppers may sit down and relax with their computers, newspapers, tablets, etc. along with a meal that they have purchased from the food court section of the store. This section has "ready to eat" Oriental, Indian, Spanish, Italian, Southwest, Kosher, etc. - hot and ready to eat. They have coffee and other tempting drinks, they have a French Pastisserie, salads, fruit and yogurt cups - and on and on.

What I love about the new store is that their Cafe' also went on and on. There were tables along a long windowed edge of the building. Therefore every table was a window seat. They had a room that looked like a family room in a home with a large TV on the wall over a roaring fireplace. Guess what was on TV? The Food Network !!

They had a long narrow hallway type of room lined with tables and walls lined with huge blowups of vintage photos of historic Rochester. I am in love with this.

Here's the corner of Winton Road and East Avenue 150 years ago

And here is what it looks like today. This is the very spot this new branch is located.


Some things that are happening in my back yard - flowers growing, deer sunbathing


A sheep farm that is not far from my house. The sheep all skittered away from the fence when I approached. I didn't know they were shy - didn't want their picture taken - they had no sunglasses to hide behind so they gave their behinds to the camera.


  1. Love your coneflowers Rita.I can't seem to grow them. I enjoy seeing historical pics of how things were back in the day. Thanks for sharing :-)

  2. I love to see pictures of where people live. We don't have any Wegmans here - looks like a great store.

  3. okay . . .I am loving the café section of the Wegman's store . . how fun is that?! We don't have them where I live either. ANd you flowers are beautiful :)

  4. We have nothing like Wegman's here - I think it would be very well received if they did.

    Your flowers look so happy!

    Sheep are so timid - always good to see them in the pasture. Enjoyed your pictures! You live in a lovely area.

  5. Love these photos! And I'm giggling over your sheep comment...

  6. I stopped at the new Wegmans on my way home from the Public Market but didn't have a lot of time so I ran in for the one thing I needed and they were out of it!! I will have to go back and look around at the store more. It is gorgeous from the outside. How nice that you have deer so close to you....I got my first upclose look at a baby fawn with white spots cute. Love your last picture and description!

  7. Wow... that place is a grocery store?! Amazing :) Just like a Starbucks, but with a "homey" feel to it... I can easily see myself at one of the tables, coffee in hand, blissfully working away in my art journal, "travel" materials scattered all over... LOL! :)

    And it's beautiful that the deer come and lay down. I would love to look outside and see that :) Who needs stuck-up sheep? Deer are a lot more friendly, anyway ;)

  8. Wegman's looks like such a nice place to shop!