Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The Walk

I recently spent a week in a warm, sunny clime visiting my granddaughters. The weather is so pleasant there and, oh, so different than where I live (southwest shore of Lake Ontario). Where I live it's still winter. Spring may or may not arrive on or about the end of April. Then you'll see daffodils, tulips, lilacs and all the flowering trees bursting into bloom. But where the granddaughters live, sunny, balmy, blue skies most of the time and never, never any snow.

So little 4 year old and I took a walk one day while her sisters were in school. We walked to the grocery store to purchase supplies so grammy (me) would have materials to make dinner. These are some things we saw on our way.

                                        A Pond

There were two turtles on this pipe with the blue heron but they dove in when they heard us. I wonder if this is the blue heron that made off with the goldfish in my backyard pond.

                       She loved seeing her shadow in the bright sunshine.

Split leaf philodendrem and mother-in-laws tongue grow naturally and heartily outdoors. You'll see them in the landscape plantings around the neighborhood.

Where I live, we keep these tropicals in clay pots INDOORS and they never look as happy as they look in these pics taken in the south.

        She "rescued" a hibiscus from a roadside planting and made like Dorothy Lamour

This beautiful tile mosaic scene is on the wall outside of the grocery store. It was a lovely walk. She got her free cookie at the bakery department, grammy got her dinner fixins' and we made out way back home.


  1. Sounds like fun was had by all :)

  2. Sweet! Every little girl should be so lucky to be able to take a nice walk with grammy :-)

  3. Looks like fun. We've got the spring colors, but never gets very warm here in the Pacific NW. I like the flower in her hair, always loved hibiscus:)

  4. Oh, how I love a wonderful mosiac and all the spring pictures! Looks like a great visit!

  5. This definitely looks like Florida. My mom lives in central Florida. I'm glad you had a good visit.

  6. What a sweet stroll you had and your granddaughter will remember it's all about making memories!

  7. I love love love spring!!! Don't have any grandkids yet but I remember lots of great walks and hikes with my dad growing up. What fabulous memories you are creating.