Monday, September 15, 2014

Quilt Show

I visited a quilt show on Saturday last (September 14th). It was quite near to the location of a conference I was attending. I visited the quilt show during my lunch break on Saturday.

Driving back and forth all week to the location were the conference was held, I had seen the signs announcing the quilt show.

It was an extremely pleasant surprise and diversion after sitting all week and industriously taking notes at the conference.

It took place at the United Methodist Church of North Chili, NY. The entire sanctuary was filled with quilts. They were draped over every alternate pew so you could walk by them without disturbing them. The church hallway had quilts hanging on the walls. In a huge room - I don't know what the church used this room for - perhaps a gymnasium or a large conference room - there were large bed size quilts. This room also had a few quilt related vendors around the perimeter.

sorry about the legend taking a bite out - this quilt was so beautiful - the stitching so elegant

the quilts had a legend with the name and how the quilter came to make it

Very large quilt - very wintery scene - in strips


close-up wintery scene - lots of shiny snowflakes heat set

child's quilt - all animals wore different shoes

A totally lovely surprise - tea was served in their tea room.

 I never plan to actually make a quilt but I so admire the dexterity of those who do. They seem like a giant mathmetical problem to me - matching all those right angles. I do, however love quilts, especially vintage ones. I have several of them, including a doll bed one. I treasure each one. They seem like a huge undertaking to me. I'm an "instant gratification" type of person. I want to see the results of my work in the twinkle of an eye. How about you?


  1. some of these are just beautiful! I do quilt and love the satisfaction at the end of the process . . well, actually, I love the creating process too! :)

  2. I love making quilts. It's like a puzzle. Very relaxing and so much fun when you get to plan it all out. Thanks for sharing the quilt show photos I love looking a t quilts

  3. Totally beautiful quilts! Did you have a favorite? The one I think I liked the most was sorta abstract, the blurry one...Glad you enjoyed yourself!

  4. Looks like fun. You do such cool things.

  5. The quilts are amazing! The fourth one with the tree and barn in the snow is my favorite.

  6. Hi,
    My favorite is the first one. Just beautiful.
    I have not made a quilt ~ I do plan to make a shirt quilt for both of my boys. And I better start soon, they are growing fast. :-)

  7. Oh, I just love beautiful handmade quilts! I would've loved to be at this quilt show. Though, I'm not sure you would've been able to get me out of there if I had been there! :)

  8. What a nice diversion to just happen to find. I don't ever plan on making a quilt but I love to look at others' work!