Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Spring Break

This is the week our local kids are on holiday from school. It's the week following Easter. There's a local tradition that this week is  FLOWER CITY WORK CAMP . It is a week our local teenagers (approximately 750 of them)  give up Spring Break in a sunny clime and lots of dads take a week of vacation time from their jobs to supervise said kids. The high school-ers are assigned to an inner-city home to do whatever odd jobs are necessary for that home to operate more smoothly. Perhaps a new set of porch steps, perhaps a little painting, maybe some yard clean-up. You know, the jobs are endless. The dads show the unlearned teens how to wield a nail gun, or a sander, or even a drill and generally, supervise all operations on that site.

The teens are members of approximately 50 plus local churches. They are actually incommunicado for the week. They stay overnight in local churches, wall-to-wall sleeping bags, have breakfast there, go to their assigned work site. Then back to whichever church is their campsite for the week, for dinner and snacks, a worship service and "sharing" time, then "beddie bye", getting rested up for another work day tomorrow. FLOWER CITY WORK CAMP facebook page

As you can see, I didn't mention lunch. That's where I come in, as well as many, many other moms. We make "camp lunch", deliver it to the work site. The famished teens and dads are very happy to see us round about 11:30 am.

My assignment is to make 22 deli sandwiches plus 5 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches (for the fussy ones), snacks, dessert and fruit. At each work site, there will be about 15 "starving" people.

Here's a little example of how the Lord puts things together:  A friend from church gave me her spiral Easter ham which she wasn't able to use. That's camp rations for tomorrow. Along with rolls, tangerines, lemon bar mix and pretzels that I purchased this morning.

While I, myself, was in the inner-city for these purchases, I treated myself to a cup of coffee and a "sweet" at a new establishment I had been looking forward to trying out. I am happy to tell you: I would highly recommend Upper Crust Bakery & Glen Edith Coffee Roasters . I had a beautiful latte and a cinnamon/chocolate rugelach.

Now, to kitchen duty to make lemon bars, operate on the spiral ham, slice up lettuce, insert into rolls, wrap each one individually in plastic wrap.


  1. What an awesome week for all involved and kudos to the teens, dads, and meal ladies. Well done!

  2. What a great programme! Those memories will be so precious to the kids, in years to come.