Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Nitrate Film Festival and Dinner

Last weekend, the George Eastman Museum presented the  nitrate-picture-show, a festival of Film Conservation. The movies were presented in the Dryden Theater at the Museum. I don't have the figures for this year but last year people from 16 countries around the world gathered in Rochester, NY for the event.

If you're interested, this link will take you to an explanation of why nitrate film is so volatile yet so valuable a piece of the history of film.  Nitrate film

I wish I could've seen more of the festival's offerings. I did see "The Bicycle Thief" (Ladri Di Biciclette", a 1948 Italian film directed by Vittorio De Sica and "The Roadhouse", an American movie, also filmed in 1948. Starring Ida Lupino, Celeste Holm, Cornell Wilde and Richard Widmark.  This film is stored at the UCLA Film and Television Archive.

Following such an delightful experience, it was fitting that we dine at a totally awesome place. We had dinner at the The Cheesecake Factory. We went in there with a plan: eat light so you'll have room for dessert. This plan was developed after eating there several times and never able to fit in a piece of their famous cheesecake. We both had a lovely salad so we could manage to also have dessert. We made a valiant effort. We both still had to take home a "doggie bag" of leftover cheesecake. I had no trouble eating it the next day.

I do think this has to be my favorite one. I had the S'mores cheesecake. My friend had the carrot cake. The S'mores cake came with dripping down the sides melted marshmallow, a half a graham cracker perched on top and lots of whipped cream (which I removed).


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