Monday, July 11, 2016

Sicily ~ Part IV ~ Churches

My visit to Sicily did not major on churches but more upon the history, archeology, conquerors, etc. of the island. However, the island is dotted with churches. Indeed, the wealthy landowners of old had chapels in their homes along with a resident priest and possibly a few nuns to do the praying for the family.

This tiny little chapel was right next door to the Hotel Centarium in Castellamare Del Golfo


                      Discovered this "Holy Family" sculpture in a little church in Erice


The 4 pictures above were taken in the Church of Saint Francis
(San Francisco)
This church is getting a "face lift"
Millions on uneven stone steps here. This church is in Palma de Montechiaro, includes the  Benedictine Monastery.
Worshippers lining up in front of this church in preparation for a procession
That was quite an interesting sight and one which one would only see in Italy. A religious procession in the center of Palermo.
The church buildings in Italy are awe inspiring because they are so ornate, full of amazing art treasures, many erected when building construction was in its infancy (no cranes, no electricity, no modern construction materials.) The care, talent,  expense, time and labor that it took must have been monumental. I feel so blessed to have been able to experience it.

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