Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Spring Break

This is the week our local kids are on holiday from school. It's the week following Easter. There's a local tradition that this week is  FLOWER CITY WORK CAMP . It is a week our local teenagers (approximately 750 of them)  give up Spring Break in a sunny clime and lots of dads take a week of vacation time from their jobs to supervise said kids. The high school-ers are assigned to an inner-city home to do whatever odd jobs are necessary for that home to operate more smoothly. Perhaps a new set of porch steps, perhaps a little painting, maybe some yard clean-up. You know, the jobs are endless. The dads show the unlearned teens how to wield a nail gun, or a sander, or even a drill and generally, supervise all operations on that site.

The teens are members of approximately 50 plus local churches. They are actually incommunicado for the week. They stay overnight in local churches, wall-to-wall sleeping bags, have breakfast there, go to their assigned work site. Then back to whichever church is their campsite for the week, for dinner and snacks, a worship service and "sharing" time, then "beddie bye", getting rested up for another work day tomorrow. FLOWER CITY WORK CAMP facebook page

As you can see, I didn't mention lunch. That's where I come in, as well as many, many other moms. We make "camp lunch", deliver it to the work site. The famished teens and dads are very happy to see us round about 11:30 am.

My assignment is to make 22 deli sandwiches plus 5 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches (for the fussy ones), snacks, dessert and fruit. At each work site, there will be about 15 "starving" people.

Here's a little example of how the Lord puts things together:  A friend from church gave me her spiral Easter ham which she wasn't able to use. That's camp rations for tomorrow. Along with rolls, tangerines, lemon bar mix and pretzels that I purchased this morning.

While I, myself, was in the inner-city for these purchases, I treated myself to a cup of coffee and a "sweet" at a new establishment I had been looking forward to trying out. I am happy to tell you: I would highly recommend Upper Crust Bakery & Glen Edith Coffee Roasters . I had a beautiful latte and a cinnamon/chocolate rugelach.

Now, to kitchen duty to make lemon bars, operate on the spiral ham, slice up lettuce, insert into rolls, wrap each one individually in plastic wrap.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

A New Amusement

You know I wouldn't be happy unless I was making something. To add even more excitement, I like to make something new out of something old.

You might also know that I am a "fiber junkie", I like yarn, ribbon, raffia, thread, cord, string......... There's a little thrift shop in my neighborhood that is like a miracle from heaven. It's a non profit. They sell the leftovers from peoples craft projects. The name of the shop is Crafts Bits & Pieces. This is the little "treasure house" I go to get my "fiber fix".

I probably won't do it justice, but in Crafts Bits & Pieces you'll find: yarn, crochet thread, knitting needles and crochet hooks, wreath making and garden inspired materials, buttons, old/used jewelry, china, dolls, how to books, Christmas decorations, old and new quilts, tons of yard goods, sewing notions, lace, stamping supplies, painting supplies, paper art supplies, sewing patterns, thread, picture frames, embroidery supplies............I could go on and on. All of it at violently reduced prices. It is absolute nirvana.

wrapped with cord

A couple months ago I began wrapping bangles with various and sundry fibers. I have used all of the above, with varying degrees of deliciousness.

wrapped with crochet thread

Of course, when I discover a new amusement, I get addicted real quick. I make lot and lots. It's almost as if I can't stop. There's only one way to solve this overabundance. Put them in my etsy shop.

wrapped with ribbon cord
wrapped with raffia

Monday, March 14, 2016

A Visit to the Albright-Knox Museum

On Friday, last, my comares, ***  and I had another GIRLZ DAY event. We got up early, got all gussied up, tuned in the GPS and trekked from Rochester to Buffalo, NY. A trip of about 80 miles.

We had a beautiful, sunny day to travel. Our admission tickets were purchased beforehand. The venue was the Albright-Knox Art Gallery 

rear of the Albright-Knox Art Gallery building-parking lot entrance

Our reason for visiting the museum was that there was a "Monet and the Impressionists Revolution 1860-1910" exhibit showing. It was a rare opportunity to see these great works so close to home. We made a day of it. We arrived about noon and dallied in the museum gift shop before our scheduled 1 PM visit to the exhibit. Museum gift shops are one of my favorite places to shop. Purchased myself a reusable silk, fold up inside a small pouch, shopping bag for my trip to Sicily. Then, after viewing the spectacular art work, we had lunch in the Gallery Cafe' . A very relaxed, and charming meal of soup and quiche with iced tea for me, then a shared molten chocolate lava cake for dessert.

The art patrons were permitted to take photos of all the paintings except the Monet' paintings. I took a few shots of the other impressionists that I favor particularly. I'm not certain that I will remember exactly whose work is who's.

This is one of Degas' little ballerinas


Gustave Caillebotte

can't remember - sorry

There were many more, including some of the work of Toulouse Lautrec, Manet, Gauguin, VanGough, Matisse, Seurat, etc. Not to mention the museum's regular collections which were also spectacular. This museum is definitely worth a trip. To do it justice, a weekend visit would be a good thing.

In the guarded Monet exhibit, where no photos were permitted, the evolution of his style development throughout his career was so interesting to see how he followed the light and did canvas after canvas of the same subject in varying light and seasons. It is said that he particularly liked to paint in winter because he so appreciated the light that the effect of snow gave to a scene. It was a very memorable day and I'm so grateful to have had the opportunity.

these are my comares Patty and Joanie

*** "comare" is Italian for godmother or sponsor. Often in Italian culture, very close friends are also called comare . In all the different and varied Italian dialects, the word morfs to goo-mah'-dee because the "r" is rolled. or goo-mah. Funny, huh?

I love GIRLZ DAYS. They are very special to me.


Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Here Comes Peter Cottontail

I knitted this cute little Easter Bunny just for the heck of it. Not to sell or even give away. Mainly just to see what it would look like. I really just love him. I knitted him from a soft, fuzzy yarn. He's filled with fiber fill.

Any little leftover ball of fuzzy, bunny colored yarn will do. You don't need much. And you can whip him up in an evening or two.

This is basically a "wing it" type of project. I bumped into him on Pinterest. The instructions are in Chinese. Even though I hit the "translate" button, I did not receive specific instructions. So, I "winged it".

I knitted up a square approximately 6 1/2", all in garter stitch (knit every row). Then looked at the Pinterest pictures and did the stitching. Filled him up with kisses, hugs and fiber fill. Made him a little cottontail. And, voila!  Easter Bunny ♥

Here's the Pinterest link:  Easter Bunny

Happy knitting.  Show me your Easter Bunny pictures