Tuesday, February 26, 2013

My Week Went to the Dogs

From Tuesday last to Tuesday (today), I was part of a pet-sitting team for my niece's pets. She and her four children and Hubby had a brief respite from the snow and cold, spending the week in sunny Florida. Of course, the pups had to stay home.

I played the night nurse part of the team and a neighbor, Shannon, was the day nurse. I got to sleep with them - yay. I use the word "sleep" lightly. Today they woke me up at 4 am. Yesterday, it was 2:45 am. Most days were 6:30 ish and there was even an 8:30 am thrown in (I don't know where that came from but I wish there were more of them)

My doggie nephews are Labradoodles. One ivory and the other black. Benny (Bentley) and Jett by name.

Note: Elton John wrote a song called "Benny the Jet". Found that out while looking through a music book of his songs which was on the piano in the music room at their house. I was so totally distracted while doing my job that I neglected to get a picture of them while I was pet sitting. So I "googled" Labradoodles and found a couple of pics that, I think, even their family would think was them.

These are large dogs. I would guess about 32" tall, about 38" long, very furry. When they jump on your bed, you know it. And they don't just jump up, they "paw" you to consciousness along with some whining. This was my alarm clock every day.

After I got them fed and exercised and used up enough time so that they wouldn't have to be alone too long until the day nurse came, I would leave for the day. Then return after supper and spend the night with them again.

When one leaves them alone in the house, one sequesters them in the laundry room which has a sliding door which they can open and escape. I did not know that. So, after having incarcerated them safely one day, they helped themselves to freedom and ate the baby niece's puppet theater (which was under her crib) and had a bedroom slipper for dessert. The foul evidence of this escapade is waiting on the kitchen counter for the Mom and Dad to see upon their return tonight.

They did neglect to tell me that after closing the laundry room door, they secure it with one of those "hook and eye" type locks. They probably thought I knew about this extra precaution. I did learn that lesson the hard way.

From this experience, I also learned that I DO NOT WANT A PET OF ANY TYPE, and having TWO (dos, due, zwei) dogs is akin to having roughly a dozen two year old toddlers.


  1. Wow Rita - What a good sport you are to do that. I suppose they told you they would be no trouble at all.

  2. Rita, you definitely need a vacation after pet sitting.

  3. Lol what adventures you have been having! I wouldn't like to be woken up like that by our doggie. She has to stay downstairs unless she needs a bath. Good on you for helping out though. x

  4. Ha, ha! That gave me a good laugh! It really all depends on the type of dog, though...some are much less toddler-like, and some are far worse! :p Glad you have survived your dog sitting adventure!

  5. Ha! I had a dog for two weeks and it inoculated me from ever having another dog, ever. Now it's my dad's dog, and we're all very happy with the arrangement!

  6. Yes, pets are not for everyone. Maybe people buying a pet should have to pet sit first. That may fix the over run shelters. Glad you survived your week. Now take a breather and create.

  7. Wow, Rita that was like having a newborn baby again. Lol! I couldn't imagine having two dogs one is enough. I have a little dog. We got her from a family that had two dogs. My neighbor has a Labradoodle. I couldn't believe how big he grew within that first year he was born.

  8. You are so wonderful for taking them in, while your relatives went on vacation. I don't know if I could have done this. I grew up with dogs and they are just like children. Of course, I enjoyed it when I was young and as a teenager. I wonder how well I would dog-sit, today? They need time, time, and more time. Thank you, for stopping by the Monday Brags on Graphics Fairy and leaving a comment. You are a sweetheart!~Cynthia

  9. Small children and dogs do have a lot of the same habits! I'm not quite sure which is able to make the biggest mess in the shortest amount of time. My dog and 3 year-old nephew appear to be in a competition. ;-)