Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Amazingly, sitting in my office a few minutes ago, I was thinking – today is the day to post on my blog and I have absolutely nothing to talk about. I just gave in to that thought and planned to open the castteam blog blitz without a post from me.

To keep myself from becoming insanely bored today, I brought a magazine to work with me. I brought the magazine because yesterday I completed the crochet project I had been working on and hoped the magazine would stave off this expected “twiddling of my thumbs”.

The magazine I brought to work with me is the latest issue of CLOTH PAPER SCISSORS. In the midst of reading an interview of an etsian – Chad Alice Hagen – her response to a question about what to expect next from her, was………”Only my cat knows. I find that the biggest thing that stops my creativity is trying to figure out what is going to happen next”.


Voila! that one little sentence sent the idea for a post into my brain as if it were an arrow. I find it totally amazing how faithfully this happens, without any help from me. It looks like these mind pictures come out of the blue, when you’re least expecting them, when you don’t have anything to write them down with, surprisingly, unplanned. Zoom, there it is in your mind’s eye. To prevent it from evaporating, I will usually write on anything handy – a napkin, a receipt from the bank, whatever.

Therefore, the thought that there would be no blog post from me today was hasty. The arrow hit its mark again –an idea – out of the blue.

As I’m sitting here, looking at the computer screen and typing into Microsoft word – I’m thinking - I could go on forever on this subject. It is so full of life. Yet seems bigger than life. I am so thankful that the One I worship and serve is
                                                  THE C-R-E-A-T-O-R.

While reading CLOTH PAPER SCISSORS, I came across an article about another etsian. Here's a piece of her inspiration and the link to her shop.


Is your experience, with inspiration, the same or different?


  1. I'm very familiar with the idea hits suddenly syndrome. Then it is urgent and must get out my fingers and onto the screen. :-)

  2. YES! I go through that too! I had nothing to write about but have been feeling neglectful about not promoting my shop more (which was the original reason I started a blog!). Then I checked in on my shop and noticed that I had reached my 300 sales mark and voila! ....that was going to be my lead in to promoting some items and I had the content for my blog! Not sure of the interest there would be for it but I felt good about it!

  3. Yes I often find when I try to think what to do, I just can't! Ideas usually come to me when I'm not expecting them and when I'm more relaxed. Love that last picture x

  4. Most times my inspirations come in the middle of the night. Just like they are just zapped into my brain.


  5. I have some ideas hit me, then other times I am dry as a desert. It is strange how cretivity goes.

  6. A lot of times when I want to write, that's exactly how it hits me- right out of the blue. When I'm crafting it comes from all kinds of sources.
    Love the little graphic you posted. I could use that! :)

  7. My ideas come when I am at work and cannot take them to completion. I write them down on a long sticky note and when I am in a creative rut I have a look at that list. I have never ever crossed all the items on that list entirely. Great post Rita.