Wednesday, February 5, 2014

♥ Be My Valentine ♥

I have three sweet little granddaughters that live far away from Grammy. I like to keep in close touch with them because I don't get to see them often enough (for me). So we phone, skype, sent notes and cards and once a year I visit them at their "far away" house. This famine of "hands-on" and "up close and personal" makes me very sad.

Last week, while doing some grocery shopping, I went to the greeting card aisle to pick out Valentine's cards for each of them and when I saw the price of each card on the card backs, I went into sticker shock. I determined, right then and there, that I would make cards for each of them. I already had all the supplies at home for this project (because I am a "relentless crafter" ).

I treated myself to an intense look at the Valentine's cards on the supermarket shelves to gather inspiration for the ones that I would handmake.

Here are the ones I made:

The blue night sky one has a heart shaped star constellation in the sky. I need to think of a caption to put on this one. I'm thinking of "you're my brightest star". How are you at thinking up captions? Can you think of one I might use on this card. Put it in the comments. I may have to use it (with your permission).The other two are self explanatory. "You make my heart flutter" and "you've captured my heart". I will write a personal little note on the inside of each card.

Also, going in the package to their "far away" house will be three little Valentine bracelets that I made for each one.

Here's the Valentine Bracelets.................

         ♥ Happy Valentine's Day my sweet darlings ♥ Grammy misses you so much ♥


  1. So sweet! I love your cards and bracelets. Not sure I would put "you're my brightest star" might cause a little jealousy with the others...maybe "my heart lights up like the stars at night when I think of you"..........?

  2. These are all really lovely! I like AnnMarie's suggestion for a caption:) I'd better get on it now, can't believe v-day is sooo soon!

  3. That is so true the cards cost so much money. I should make my own for my family. I already have a few made from several years ago. I bet they really are going to appreciate your thoughtful gifts!

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    Have a great day!!
    MaryL :)