Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Bringing a Dream to Life

I had a dream a couple days ago. In it I saw a wrist wrap wallet with several inside compartments. It was a very thin/light, flat, envelope purse that wrapped around the wrist to tuck in your driver’s license, a couple dollars and a car key to wear when you workout at the gym. Or when you run or go to pilates, or have playground duty or to walk the dog.

I made a mock-up out of muslin of what I saw in my dream, worked out the kinks (or so I thought). There were still some kinks  after I made my first one using real purchased fabric and beautiful lining. I had to scrap it. The Velcro was in the wrong place and there was an engineering defect where the flap was concerned. So you can see there’s a bit of a struggle to give birth to a new product.

I hope you didn't notice that I need to change the date on my camera. Get out the instruction book again.

But today I am ready to launch a new etsy offering. I hope I have created something that people need and will purchase.

I have embroidered a little stick figure “runner” on the front face of the purse. 


  1. Love it-- that would be good for kids too -- when they are doing sports and need to carry a few things.

  2. What a great idea! See you on Sunday. Lol!!