Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Etsy Craft Party

Etsy's Craft Party is an annual event. It is actually a "meet-up" of locals who get together to all craft on the same subject together and get to know one another a bit. The theme this year was "Recapture". The idea was to give an old photo new meaning.

I think etsy is getting better and better at enabling this event. On etsy's website, one could find a Craft Party near where they live, you could register online through EVENTBRITE, receive a list of possible projects and the materials needed to accomplish them.

Of course someone needs to volunteer to lead each event. I'm not sure of this, but I think etsy will underwrite financially the materials acquisition if a local event registers a certain number of participants. In the case of the one I attended, that person was the beautiful KIRA of:

Kira reserved a classroom in a local JoAnn Fabrics Store which was furnished with long craft tables and chairs. The tables were festooned with samples of the photo projects the participants could make, made by Kira for our benefit. Tasty snacks were also provided. But, if you're a crafter, you know that when working on a project you very rarely ever stop to eat. You are so intent on finishing the project.

All the materials were also graciously provided. Embroidery thread and needles, water colors and all the accoutrements, buttons, and even vintage photos, (Kira's grandfather was a photographer) etc.

I got to meet totally charming local etsy folks and we all traded business cards so we could visit each other's shops.

These are the projects that I worked on:

A baby picture of me jarred up in a natural setting. This project is in memory of a position that I am not able to do any longer - legs akimbo

Aunt Rose - born in 1900 - crazy auntie that gave us millions of laughs - I put vintage tatted lace around her neckline and a flower in her hair (which is a thing which she would totally wear.

One of my precious granddaughters - we always called her the Italian Princess - I "officially" crowned her as such, water colored her tee shirt and stamped her title on the photo.

This is another childhood pic of me - at the beach - probably Wildwood, NJ - the photo holder is a vintage wooden spool of thread and a large paper clip - the banner is made of flags from the pages of a vintage dictionary - I feel like this picture wants more embellishment.

In the metro area where I live, there were two more etsy Craft Parties that I know of. One was held in a local artists enclave and the other at a private home.


  1. Very interesting to read your account of this event and see the photos of what you worked on. They look great. I'm glad you got to attend.

  2. Looks like fun Rita. I'm glad you were able to go. I love the old photos. You did a great job :-)

  3. These turned out great! I think the beach one is finished. But maybe a shell bottom RH corner to balance the bunting ?

  4. Oh Rita I am glad you had a good time. Our event was canceled at the last minute.

  5. I really like what you did with your auntie. :-)
    This looks like a good time.
    My vote on a favorite is the jar.
    xx oo

  6. What a fun, creative time! I would love to do one:)

  7. I need to look for one of those Etsy get togethers near me. That really looks like fun! I never knew you could add things on to photos like that. You did a great job! I'm following you from the CAST team.

  8. Hi,
    You are a no reply blogger for me, so I am back to let you know the secret to the meringue. :-)

    My mom used 18 egg whites!! She has her own flock. ;-)
    And yes you guessed it sugar and cream of tartar.

    She was so happy with that pie.
    It was a real treat.

    xx oo