Tuesday, June 3, 2014

What Are Little Girls Made Of?

My granddaughters are crazy for the movie FROZEN. They know and sing all the songs and are signing up for dance lessons to learn the dances in the movie. They watch the video over and over again, ad infinitum.

Recently they sent me a "fashion alert". Grammy, please find ribbon with FROZEN characters on it. We want to make hair bows from it. I found the ribbon here......

I misunderstood their "alert" and thought they wanted me to make the hair bows. So I went to YouTube to get some video instructions for making a bow which is attached to a barrette. There were lots of very informative videos and I quickly became adept.

Here's a pic of the bow I made:

I brought a little kit to work with me that contained all the materials I would need (ribbons, hot clue, blank barrette, scissors). I took a phone picture of my first attempt and sent it to them. They replied immediately - "no, no, Grammy, we love it, but we want to make the bows. So I packed up the ribbon, blank barrettes and the bow I made and sent the package off to them.

I hope they send me pictures of the bows they make with the FROZEN ribbon.

To answer the question of "what little girls are made of"..........they made of sweetness, adorable-ness, hair ribbons, ballet shoes, smiles, squeals, giggles, drama, and every other kind of wonderful-ness you can think of.


  1. FROZEN was a hit with my daughter, too... particularly the music. Love the hair bows!

  2. Oh so sweet! What a lovely Grammy you are.
    I hope they love making the hair bows.

  3. Cute hair bow, what a sweet grammy:) Frozen has been a hit in my house as well (my youngest is 25). Seems like everyone likes it, I got a kick out of this on Youtube this morning:

  4. That is so cute Rita! Tell your granddaughters to let it go, let it go. Sorry, I couldn't resist!

  5. We all loved Frozen too. :-)
    I love your idea. :-)
    xx oo