Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Happy Birthday To Me

I had a birthday last week. I think that's sufficient reason for celebration. My son and daughter in law took me out to lunch at one of my favorite restaurants. They presented me with this "oh, so long awaited Springtime" bouquet. I had a delicious lunch of tomato bisque soup, chicken cutlet on a bed of arugula, and a latte with a plate of Italian cookies.

On the following day, I celebrated with my BFF. I met her at the Street of Shops, which is an antique mall, cum vintage shops, cum furniture refinishers Paradise, cum flea a small café. There's approximately 200 vendors, each with their own booth/space which they decorate to the "nines". Some with stenciled walls, faux wall treatments, curtains, rugs, room settings. To me, it's nirvana.

This is my favorite "room" - all white - vintage furniture painted white

New vendor - mostly white again - her name is on the banner - she "reimagines"


Revamped White "big girl" tutu in TamiLyn's shop 

I always come home with something. Here's what came home with me this time.

If you knew me you would know how appropriate this little plaque is

Sparkle Plenty Lace Baseball Cap

Twinkley star garland - I took it right off the white chest of drawers (above)

We capped off our day of delight with a stop at an Italian café/gelateria to have dessert.

I'm not finished celebrating my birthday yet. A friend is taking me to lunch this week and I have a coupon for free birthday gifts from Sephora which I need to pick up in my birthday month (March).
How do ya'll celebrate your birthday?????????

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  1. It's so nice when your birthday just keeps on going! Lovely flowers and the vintage finds are great as well.