Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Welcome to Crochet Zoo

This past Christmas, I crocheted a little hat for a baby on my Christmas list. I made him a doggie hat.

first ever animal hat

I enjoyed that process so much, I decided I would make lots of animal hats and add them to my etsy shop.

I enjoy the process of crocheting up a plain little hat then operating on it to make it into a recognizable animal to keep baby's wee head warm and cozy.

After you've made a couple of the same pattern, you tweak to get all the kinks out and make an item that is your own personal style. Now I use the same pattern for all the hats. I like the single crochet process because those close together stitches create an airtight fabric that prevents the entrance of cold winds and temperatures. Then I set about adding the elements that will let you know what kind of animal this is.

These are the animals that dwell in the animal zoo department in my etsy shop. You'll find them in the "kids knits" section.

he isn't an animal - he's a minion



  1. These are sooo precious! Love the minion:-)

  2. Yes, the minion is great! I'd like to see one in green...