Tuesday, May 19, 2015

A Visit to the Lilac Festival

 The Lilac Festival has been an annual event in Rochester (NY) for over 100 years. Actually since 1898. It takes place in Highland Park which is home to more than 500 varieties of lilacs and other flowers, flowering trees, and shrubs. Frederick Law Olmstead designed this park and other outdoor spaces in Rochester, NY. He is renowned as the architect/designer of Central Park in New York City.

It is a feast for the eyes, and a hike of colossal proportions, up and down hills. I guess that's why it's called HIGHland Park. 650 acres of hills, garden walkways, stairways, flowering trees, tulip and pansy beds, shrubs, carnival and street-food vendors, live music, children's entertainment, horse and buggy rides, food trucks, etc. On the two weekends of the festival, there is an arts and crafts show. That was really what I was interested to see.

I made my little venture on Saturday last - an overcast day - the best kind for walking around outdoors. After spending an hour looking for a "convenient" parking space, I parked on a residential street that was actually off limits to festival traffic but I sneaked in and found a spot at the end of the street right next to Highland Avenue and the festival.

I enjoyed browsing the vendors at the art show and seeing their wares and getting a view of what's new and trending in the art/craft market at this time.  

Horse and buggy rides
looking up at a cherry tree in flower

streets are closed to all but pedestrian traffic
Art and Craft Show section

two of the more than 500 varieties

I enjoyed my little Saturday afternoon outing and as far as seeing any art or craft that is emerging into the market, I did not. In one booth, I did see a collection of burlap tote bags of all sizes, burlap purses of all sizes and types. All of them bearing interesting, and sharp graphics. They were undoubtedly new burlap and recently stamped with bright colors in the graphics. A riff on something I sell in my etsy shop but I use repurposed/vintage 100# coffee bean bags with faded blue graphics stating the country of origin of the beans. Mine are authentic. The bags - a real conversation piece and a treasure.                              


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  1. That is on my bucket list. Thanks so much for writing about it and the photos. One day . . .