Wednesday, May 27, 2015


Pizzelles is an old Italian family recipe. We make these sweets for celebrations like graduation parties, Christmas parties, even weddings. The recipe I'm going to share with you came to me from my Aunt - my father's sister - I always called her Mimi because I couldn't pronounce her name when I was little. The name stuck. Everyone called her Mimi. This is her recipe but there are probably as many pizzelle recipes as there are Italian families.

First thing you need is a pizzelle iron

I rub the paper that wrapped the margarine over the grill so my pizzelles won't stick. They never do. The new pizzelle irons today have non-stick surfaces. I heat mine up before adding a tsp. of batter to each side of the press. Close the press and bake for about 30 seconds then remove them to the parchment or wax papered table surface to cool completely. 

Mimi's recipe written in her own had - no directions - she expected me to know that

If you don't know that already: you beat the softened margerine (I use margarine instead of butter) and sugar together with an electric mixer. Add the eggs then orange juice or other flavoring of your choice. Mix dry ingredients in a separate bowl then add them to the wet ingredients about a third at a time. You may have to apply elbow grease to the final mixing because batter may be too dense for your beater.
I cool mine completely before stacking - this makes them stay crisp

when cooled they can be stacked for storage
sugared and ready to party

This recipe yields approximately 100 pizzelles.

The orange juice flavors the pizzelles very subtly. You can use vanilla, orange or lemon extracts if you prefer.


  1. The pizzelles look incredibly lovely! What a "sweet" tradition to be able to share with family and friends. :)

  2. Where on earth do I find a pizzelle maker? I think I'd have to go to Italy!

  3. I think I've had these before, a lovely Italian lady named Rosa made some for the staff at my school. There were hundreds of them, in all sorts of beautiful patterns.

  4. This brought back a childhood memory. Mom delivered eggs in an Italian district. When sis and I went with her the Italian ladies would give us these to munch on.