Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Grapevine Tabletop Christmas Tree

My tabletop grapevine tree

I made my tabletop grapevine Christmas tree many, many years ago. I store it, completely decorated, in a closet until it's time for it to come out again and make my house all Christmassy once more. It has very minimal decorations. Just a string of white mini lights and a garland of pink berries. It's armature is a tomato cage. I display it on a sofa table that I cover with crushed up vintage doilies which (in my mind) resemble a snowy forest floor.

I usually harvest grapevines in the early Fall while they're soft and supple and easy to wrap round and round the armature. That did not happen this year.

My brother and sister-in-law came for a weekend visit on the weekend before Thanksgiving. They wanted a grapevine Christmas tree for their house, too. We, all three, dressed up warmly and went into the woods to harvest grapevines, which were by this time, a bit dried out and resistant to being wrapped around an armature. But, with much struggle, bleeding fingers and cold noses, we got the job done.

We brought the gardening shears into the woods with us, harvested a whole trunk load of grapevines, set up shop in my garage and began to assemble the tree.
Work in progress

Voila!!! Success
My sister-in-law had already purchased sparkely garland for her tree the day before when we made a foray over to Hobby Lobby. They do not have a Hobby Lobby in their neck of the woods so it's always one of the places they like to visit when they come for a weekend visit to the "big sister's" house.

This is the new grapevine tree - now living in the mountains of Pennsylvania in the log house of F&B

It is sitting upon an antique hall tree hat rack in their foyer. All gussied up with sparkles.

Both my sister-in-law and myself contracted poison ivy in the woods and had to be on a 10 day regimen of prednisone for the rash. My advice to you is: be perfectly sure that all the grapevines you harvest are grapevines and not some other plant.


  1. Oh, I just love your grapevine tree! Great idea to use a tomato cage as the foundation. There is a girl in Ontario that makes them to sell for big bucks! I just bought a grapevine snowman, 5' tall from her. Couldn't resist. I can't believe you got poison ivy this time of year! I get it every summer and thought by now it was done. I have been telling my son that he can't get it now, because he is really worried about that!

  2. That is gorgeous! Poison ivy, yikes.