Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Kids Are The Funniest People On Earth

When I had granchildren, I realized what a treasure trove of stories I had missed out on because I didn't keep an orderly record of the funny things my children said and did. I remember lots of those episodes and do have some jotted down on anything I could get my hands on at the moment. Some are on torn out tablet pages, some on the backs of envelopes, even some on a scrap of unknown origin. I made a promise to myself that I'd keep an orderly record in a journal of the funny things my grandchildren said and did. I have been faithful to that promise. Here is the journal I used.
Their moms would also share with me the funny sayings that these little munchkins said and did while away from my presence. As you can see, my collection has greatly exploded out of the journal. They began to give me copies of their school report cards. They also made me Mother's Day cards, Easter cards, Christmas cards, Valentine's cards. They wrote me notes, they received honors, etc. All that is overflowing the basket I had decided to save them in. Now I need a bigger container.
I want to encourage you too, if you're a gramma or a mamma, to keep a record of your children's or grandchildren's innocent early dhildhood sayings. They are too precious to forget. You'll so enjoy reading over these entries in years to come. And the best part.............those children who you've journaled about get multiplied joy and amusement when they're grown up and visiting Grammy and drag out that journal, sit on the couch and roll over in infectious laughter while reading this record of their babyhood. I'll share with you a story about Melissa, just turning 3 and embarking upon a program she had been avoiding for a long time - potty training. One evening after supper, she, her big brother and her Dad went on a bike ride over to the playground. She rode in the child seat on her Dad's bike and big brother had his own bike. While enjoying the playground equipment, Melissa got that "funny look" on her face and her Dad asked her if she had to go potty. "No" she said. He thought better of that and said "c'mon, let's get you up here in the seat and we'll go home so you can go potty". All the while he's speaking, she's backing up, further and further away from him. Then she ceremoniously replys to his invitation to be lifted up onto the bike baby seat, saying, "no thanks, I'll walk". Can you guess why?


  1. Oh yeah. I've seen that predicament before.

    I didn't write down enough of our kid's funnies. We do have a video which captured them at different stages for a while. I enjoy pulling that out every now and then just to remember them as they were then. It changes so quickly.

  2. So adorable. I have boxes and boxes of things from my grandsons but maybe only one box from my girls. I wish I were more organized when my girls were younger. I still have a lot of organizing to do with the boys but at least I have more. :o)


  3. I like the way you keep saying :"orderly".
    I don't have anything like that for my dear daughter. Such a shame.

  4. I did that for my girls (now 30 and 27) but didn't take care of them....all moldy in the attic and basement and I still can't throw them away! I feel like I would be throwing away their childhood!

  5. I have a huge collection of things from Emma that I eventually want to make into something like a scrapbook but I haven't found much time to get it all in order! <3 Hopefully I can find some time soon!

  6. What a great idea:) I try to keep up with scrapbooking but I am so behind: )

  7. Haha about your granddaughter!

    I have a little notebook that I occasionally pull out to write in, but I'm not as consistent as I should be. I kept records for the first year and then stopped for both boys in terms of scrapbooking.
    Actually my parents ask for an update each month for a scrapbook I made for them, and they add in details, so maybe I'll have to 'remember' about my own children through my parents' diligent notes!

  8. I keep a large satchel of art and creative writing from each of my grandchildren. It is so enjoyable to look through them and remember such good times with these dear ones. You have inspired me to get them in better order.