Sunday, November 24, 2013

Jazz Up Your Hoodies

I hope you’re all having a lovely Thanksgiving holiday. I hope to be visiting some etsy friends in another state, during the holiday which I’ll spend with one of my children and grandchildren. Pictures will soon follow.

I do have a little project for you to do while I’m on holiday and you’re at “loose ends” now that you’ve finished all your Thanksgiving preparations.

I call it “Jazzing Up A Hoodie”.  This is the second time I have done this process and both times I have been a pleased as punch by the results.

Both of the hoodies I have done this with are black (my favorite clothing color) and because of that it may be a bit difficult to see the results. I had thought about this process for quite a long while before I actually attempted it. I didn’t know how long it would take, if it would work, or if it would live up to my expectations. It fulfilled all criteria excellently.

I doesn’t take long at all. Perhaps an hour. The results are super and it exceeded my expectations. And now I have two awesome hoodies unlike any others on the planet. True “one of a kind-ers”.

This treatment is on a velour hoodie that is one half of a jogging suit (has matching pants). (as if there’s a chance that I’ll go jogging). But I like to look as if that might be a possibility.

Here’s how to get those results:

With crochet thread that matches your hoodie, take a running stitch all along the edge of the hood – from one side of the zipper, all the way around to the opposite side of the zipper. Make sure that this line of stitching is not tight but very relaxed. It’s into these stitches that you’ve just completed around the edge of your hood, that you’ll crochet a couple rows of single crochets with eyelash yarn. I used black yarn and black crochet thread on a black hoodie. But you also could use contrasting colors.  I, momentarily, gave a thought to crocheting with white eyelash yarn but didn’t want so much contrast. Plus the white would get soiled quickly. If using a contrasting color, I would still make the running stitches around the hood edge in the same color as the hood – so as to make them invisible. When you crochet into those stitches, they will be hidden and only the fuzzy crocheted rows will be visible. 

I have no idea why this hoodie looks forest green when it is actually black as coal. But there, you've got the idea. It's a fun project and completely changes the look of a casual hoodie to a super-cool hoodie.


  1. How fun! The hoodie does look black to me, so it might be on your computer?

    About jogging: I don't jog/run myself ever, and I am a fitness instructor in training! I've learned through much research that it's not good to do what we call our typical long "cardio" workouts, especially if you're a woman. Don't feel bad about not jogging :)


  2. That's really cool! I'm pinning this:)

  3. Nice! Haven't learned to crochet yet, just knitting! But I will have to pin this for future!

  4. Love "one of a kind-ers"! Excellent job!

  5. Too cute and actually sounds do-able.


  6. They look great!

    Colors on computer screens are always a problem to me. When I think I got the perfect color and look on another screen it looks toootally different ;).

  7. Hi there, just thinking about all of you, still, still missing you!
    Sending loving Christmas Wishes, early I know....but you and the rest of y'all just popped into my mind today....♥♥♥
    Blessings, Monika