Tuesday, November 12, 2013

A Ride in the Country on a Beautiful Fall Day

A couple weeks ago, on an absolutely gorgeous, sunny, Fall afternoon, I took a ride in the country. The main purpose for this trip was to scope out a venue where I would be doing a Christmas Craft Show. I took my camera and started out on a leisurely ride.

I found the venue quite easily, of course I had the MapQuest directions with me. I drove east and followed the Erie Canal the entire way. All the while thinking of the history of this area and our early settlers moving commodities slowly, by flat-bottomed canal boat pulled by mule, along the towpath which runs along side the canal. Seeing the names of the  old towns, Fair Port, Port Gibson. I passed through, Macedon, Palmyra, Rose, Arcadia and finally to Newark.

These "port" towns were where travelers and merchants would change horses or mules, where they could get a hot meal and perhaps a real bed for the night.

This wonderful invention opened up western New York to the rest of the world. This was wilderness before that.

At one point the canal waters were very wide, much wider that the normal width. In fact, I always thought this was a lake. There were even summer cottages along the banks. But I discovered that this is called "Wide Waters" and it is still canal.

                                                 Wide Waters

I took an entirely different and circuitous route on the way back. I wanted to see what was on the back roads.

                                        A Country Church

                             Apple Trees - Ready for Harvest - Apple Country

Visited a sweet little country shop. Mulberry Hollow in Palmyra, NY. In it's former life it was an auto dealership, gas station. Still around, 100 years later, and still making people happy.

This house was around the block from Mulberry Hollow - the gingerbread was awesome - the talent, and work, and skill, and materials that went into these "Painted Ladies" could not be duplicated today for a million dollars.                          

All in all, a totally lovely afternoon appreciating the sunshine, the seasons, and the 1000 gifts He gives us each day.


  1. I am going to have to add a trip to visit you to my bucket list. It should not be difficult, just crossing this lake that separates us :D I loved reading this. What a wonderful setting.

  2. You made my town and neighborhood look so pretty! It is easy to forget when you pass by everyday how it may look in someone else's eyes.