Monday, July 21, 2014

Today is Monday

Today I looked through my yarn stash and discovered that I had no #5 yarn (chunky) yarn. That's a little heavier than #4 (worsted/double knitting), which I have lots of.

I made a little trip over to the only yarn store we have remaining in my area. All others, sadly, have gone out of business. This yarn store that I planned to browse around in had a sign on the door - "CLOSED MONDAYS". sad, sad, sad.

To elevate my spirits a bit I went to the gelato store and got a double scoop and sat on a bench overlooking the canal and ate my mango-coconut gelato while watching pigeons, house sparrows and ducks all looking for a handout.

I felt a bit desperate for the yarn because I'm soon going on a bus tour and I want to knit during the ride. I am wanting to make some hats like these to put in my etsy shop. I think it's perfect timing for thinking about hats. School will be starting in a month. College co-eds will be descending on campuses and winter won't be far behind.

Because the yarn shop was closed, I made a trip to the local sewing and craft store. They do have a yarn department. They did happen to have the weight of yarn I need to make this pattern - plus - it was on sale!!! I bought enough to make three hats. Here's the colors.




  1. Pretty hats! Enjoy your bus trip; it sounds like you have a good plan. ;o)

  2. Gorgeous photos...I had gelato last night and it may have ruined me for ever for ice cream. ;)

  3. And Bits and Pieces is closed Mondays and Tuesdays too I think! While my son was in the hospital I finished the knitting I had and needed something else. I had no time to go shopping for yarn so I brought the end of a skein with me and just started knitting just for something to do. It looks so nice that I had to go and get more yarn to finish it (the one pounder) that now puts me right back where I started....leftover yarn!! VERY cute hats! I haven't tried anything like that yet!

  4. That was great that you turned the bad luck of the store being closed into a nice treat of food and scenery. I'm glad the other store had the yarn you wanted. It's neat when things like that end up working out in the end.

  5. Those are gorgeous yarns you found! Even if you hadn't gelato(ice cream) fixes everything!