Monday, July 13, 2015

A Night On The Town

The town I speak of is Pultneyville, NY, population 698. Layed out in 1896 and on the National Register of Historic Places. Pultneyville, NY

My reason for being there on this past Friday evening was my friend wanted to have dinner by the water. Pultneyville is certainly by the water. It is situated at the mouth of Salmon Creek, an inlet from Lake Ontario. Dinner on the patio of the Pultneyville Grill offers an awesome view of the Lake with sailboats striping the view with their masts.

I highly recommend it

In 1865, Pultneyville was home to approximately 30 Great Lakes captains, thus the "widows walks" (where the wives would ascend to to look out over the lake for the return of their husbands from seafaring) on the top story of some of the houses facing the lake.

Hitching post for horses in front

this house built with the cobblestones used for building the Canal-note the preciseness of the layers 

The little port town served as main access point for Great Lakes commerce before the Erie Canal was built. Sending agricultural goods to the Atlantic Ocean via the St. Laurence River then on to east coast cities of NYC, Boston and Baltimore.

In Spring of 1814, it was the site of a small skirmish during the War of 1812 when British troops needed supplies which they seized from the intimidated residents. A dispute broke out and weapon fire commenced on both sides. Two citizens were killed and three wounded and two were taken prisoner.

The excellent rating I would give to the Pultneyville Grill plus the total charm and rich history of this little town puts it high on my list of "favorite places to visit".


  1. I love the charm of these old homes and gardens. It looks like a wonderful place to share a meal with a friend.

  2. It looks charming. It's good to hear that they're finding new ways to survive now that trading passes them by!

  3. Look at the hydrangea wreaths on the front doors! Amazing!!!

  4. It looks like a fun place to visit! Love the picture!