Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Landmark Society House Tour

This year the Landmark Society house tour was held in the Highland Heights section of the city of Rochester. This tract of land is the highest elevation in our city. Because of its hilly terrain, it wasn't settled until the early 20th century. It has an exceptional view and homeowners in the neighborhood have a binding covenant built into their property deeds stipulating that all changes to the design of the houses and yards have to be approved by the Board of Directors. Therefore, on the tour, we saw no fences or swimming pools but rather an attempt to maintain an open landscape. The result is an unique community whose appearance has been carefully shaped by its residents for over a century.

It was a walking tour. All the homes were close to each other. Much hill climbing was involved, however. So much so that one driveway offered a ride up to the house by golf cart.

golf cart hill

The homes in this neighborhood were built at the time of the advent of the automobile and as you can imagine, this historic change brought about a change in the way people lived their lives. In one home on the tour, the main entrance was on the driveway side of the house to accommodate entrance and departure by car! Another home featured a rear entrance much more elegant than the front entrance, featuring leaded glass side lights and decorative railing, reflective of the influence the auto had on home owners who assumed most visitors would arrive by a car driving up their driveways and enter the home from the rear!

Rolling lawns without any obstruction between properties

The day of the house tour was one of those perfect Summer days. I bought by ticket at a church in the neighborhood and when I reached out to purchase my ticket the hostess said "that will be $20.00 plus your bracelet".
Stacking Bracelet

 I was so happy I had business cards in my purse. I handed out 4 of them to the 4 ladies who were "manning" that reception table.

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  1. Haha Good thing you had your business cards handy!
    The tour looks like a lot of fun. I love the landscape in the third picture.