Tuesday, July 21, 2015

La Tea Dah

A couple days ago, my gal pals and I had another of our "girlz day outs". We try to do this as often as we can while still juggling around everyone's schedules. One works four days a week with Friday's off (that's  good thing), another works during the school year and has Summers off. And I am "at liberty" almost all the time.

This time, our plan was to check out a local tea room which moved into a new site because of a fire at the original site. The original site was in an old Victorian mansion, with a rabbits warren of small rooms on the first floor. Of course it also boasted of fireplaces, niches, bay windows, window seats, and cubbies, all those wonderful Victorian architectural fancies.

The new location is far less elegant and of a more modern vintage, but it too is in a re-imagined house. It does not have the ambience of the original location but it's still a tea room and there's a feeling  that you've, somehow, gone back in time.

white fur muff hanging off  a chair - who remembers using those to keep hands warm?

wall of vintage hats to wear while tea drinking
Sometimes we scrapbook the memory of our "Girlz Day Out" but this time this blog post is the record.


  1. Fun little tea shop! I love the hats. I wish we lived in the days where women still wore them all the time. :)

  2. How fun! I'm glad you get to have regular girl time and visit such interesting places.

  3. I miss tea rooms! Wish we had one close around me! Glad you had a great time!!